I'm determined my great grandchildren will be able to go to Africa and find wild great apes'.
--Jane Goodall

Protecting chimpanzees is at the heart of JGI’s work, reflecting Jane Goodall’s historic legacy. No other organization is as closely aligned to the work of understanding and protecting chimpanzees as the Jane Goodall Institute.

Reflecting Jane Goodall’s holistic approach to problem-solving and best practices in conservation, we address this goal through community-centered conservation -- partnering with communities to develop sustainable livelihoods, establish and manage protected areas, and create environmental land use plans.

We also engage in direct conservation efforts, including:

  • Conserving Habitat. Loss of habitat, due in large part to demands of a growing human population, is one of the greatest threats to the survival of chimpanzees.
  • Rescuing chimp orphans. JGI protects the youngest victims of the illegal bushmeat trade –chimpanzees who’ve lost their mothers.
  • Raising awareness. The threats to chimpanzees are exacerbated by a lack of information and awareness – the kind of knowledge that inspires individuals, communities and policymakers to protect wildlife.