Image: © Teemill, Design:© the Jane Goodall Institute

Books and new sustainable clothing range!

We are very excited to launch our new ethically focussed clothing range. We will continue to directly sell a number of Dr Goodall’s books and the ever popular Mr H Junior via our new improved online shop (see below).

We are now using Teemill to produce our new sustainable clothing and tote bag range for men, women and children, including a very special Chimp Guardian collection. (If you would like to purchase a symbolic adoption of a rescued chimp, please visit our Chimp Guardian page).

We are the Jane Goodall Institute UK. There are 26 Jane Goodall Institutes around the world working together to advance Dr Goodall’s vision of a better future for all. To order books, clothing and tote bags from your nearest Institute, please visit our Contact page for the website details of other JGIs.

Welcome to our new sustainable clothing store

Teemill use our exclusive designs to produce a range of garments and bags from organic cotton using renewable energy in a factory audited by them for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria.  Each item comes in a range of colours and is printed to order in the UK. All items are GM and animal-derived products free, not tested on animals and sent in plastic free packaging.

We have a number of wonderful design ranges for men, women and children, including a beautiful  collection of tops and bags featuring Anzac, Perrine, Wounda and Zeze from our Chimp Guardian programme!