Portrait of Jane and a young chimpanzee

Make a donation today (11 April 2014) in respect of Jane Goodall’s 80th birthday and be in with a chance of winning this wonderful art work of Jane and a chimpanzee by artist Auriel Roe.

Jane Goodall Portrait

When I saw the short film about Wounda I was inspired to do a little bit to help her and other chimpanzees who have been orphaned and those who have been nursed back to health by the Jane Goodall Institute. The numbers of chimpanzees in the wild has diminished at a shocking rate and it is our responsibility to stop this downward spiral. In the film Jane Goodall says she would like to be able to establish her sanctuary for chimpanzees in time for her 80th birthday in April so I decided to raise some money to help this come about through my skills in art.” Auriel Roe

If you would like to make a donation in respect of Jane’s 80th birthday and be in with a chance of winning the finished piece of art, please go to Auriel’s fundraising page