Baby Guy and Golfie

As a sanctuary, the Jane Goodall Institute endeavours to provide the rescued chimpanzees at the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Centre with as natural an environment as possible. In the wild, chimpanzees live in multi-male and multi-female groups, and so many of Tchimpounga’s groups include both males and females. Each of the females in these groups is setup with a contraceptive protocol to help prevent pregnancy. Captive born babies have little chance of surviving in the wild, and thus JGI strives to prevent babies from being born in a captive environment.

Golfi, one of the female chimpanzees living at Tchimpounga recently gave birth to an infant. Golfi became pregnant during a period of time when she was a part of a release programme with another organization attempting to release her and other chimpanzees back into the wild. During this time Golfi was not receiving all of the elements of her contraceptive protocol and thus became pregnant.

Subsequently, Golfi was transferred to Tchimpounga and is now living on Tchibebe Island with the other chimpanzees JGI cares for. After Golfi gave birth, she and her infant were placed with a smaller group of chimpanzees to allow them both time to adjust within a calmer group of close friends. Her infant was named “Guy” after one of the staff who has cared for Golfi for many years. Baby “Guy” is doing well and Golfi is proving to be an excellent mother.