In the early hours of Monday 14th August exceptionally heavy rains caused a massive landslide in Regent, the town nearest to Tacugama. The effect on the local community is immense with reports of 300 people being killed and 600 unaccounted for. The news is made worse when you hear how many children died or lost parents.

The staff at TCS, which is itself a charity, are doing all they can to help those effected by this disaster. They are providing food, clothing and meeting with community members to organise what is the best way to move forward with relief efforts. Unfortunately, more torrential rain is forecast and the authorities have warned of another possible landslide.

TCS will work to help the community deal with the mudslide and its aftermath and will continue with their message of the benefits of conservation particularly reducing deforestation and ensuring the trees and plants can provide the natural barrier to reduce the likelihood of any recurrence of this tragedy.

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(Note: none of the chimpanzees at Tacugama Sanctuary were effected)