World Chimpanzee Day


We are now only ten days from the first World Chimpanzee Day and we are so excited that around the world more than 60 organisations will honour these highly complex and intelligent beings whom we are most closely related to, and to ignite action to protect them as looming threats risk their extinction.

Here are a couple of ways we are marking this special day.

Art Contest (Chimpanzee Art)

We are holding an art contest featuring chimpanzee art. Once you have completed your piece post a photo of your it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WorldChimpanzeeDay, #WCDArtContest and @janegoodallinst The top ten pieces will be announced on World Chimpanzee Day and be featured across our social media channels.


Join us by giving your best “pant-hoot” chimpanzee greeting for our great ape cousins! Record your pant-hoot and tag #WorldChimpanzeeDay @janegoodallinst for a chance to be featured!

Why not think of your own way to celebrate ‘World Chimpanzee Day’, don’t forget to take lots of photos to share with us.