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Jane Goodall portrait by Stuart Clarke

Help us tell Time Magazine that they should list Jane Goodall among their top 100 most influential people.

Golfi, one of the female chimpanzees living at Tchimpounga recently gave birth to an infant.

The JGI UK Board has sent £5,000 to help the team at the Tacugama Sanctuary in Sierra Leone manage the severe impact of Ebola on their operations. Do please spread the word and support this appeal. Primates are impacted by Ebola both directly and through the social impact on those managing sanctuaries/reserves. Saving human lives in this medical and societal disaster is critically important; helping maintain healthy and viable chimpanzee populations is also so.

Jane Goodall, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and actor Leonardo DiCaprio were among 310,000 people who marched through New York City for the Peoples' Climate March. It was said to be the largest climate rally in history, with 2,808 coordinated events in 166 countries.